Thursday, January 29, 2009

THING 24- Complete

Back again. This is great to be able to continue learning. Great timing as cabin fever is setting in.
I have redone my blog and avatar. A new perkier avatar and hot pink look for spring. I did check out the additional templates under for the curious but decided to stick with the pink. I will be adding the books I am currently reading to my blog. Ive also added personal pictures of myself and my family and more personal information in my profile. This was a huge step for me as I have been nervous about posting anything personal.
Since the last time I posted I have been working on another blog as I mentioned in my last post. I have used quite a few things I learned. I have a google calendar, a picture cube from picture trail of all the members. I upload articles and pictures to post to it regularly. Information on it needs to be university based or about Master Gardener activites. I do follow the other county sites in Minnestota but have not commented on them. The site is
Thanks again for this additional learning opportunity

Friday, August 15, 2008

THING 23-COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaaaaay. I'm done! What a ride this has been. Great learning opportunity! I feel like I know a little about alot but know where to go to find out more. An organization I'm involved with has started a Web Blog and I volunteered to keep it up. This is through the University of Minnesota they use Moveable Type. I'm confident I will have no trouble figuring that out. I did most of the work at home but it was hard as high speed internet is not available deep in the woods where I live. It was hard to find the time to work on it at work. I did manage to watch the videos at work. Was a real problem for people without computers at home.
Also a winter session would be great as its hard to give up our summer time outside to work on this. Thanks so much for the chance to do this. I will sign up if you come up with more Things.

THING 22-complete

I looked through the Library web blogs. I set up a RSS feed on Dangeroulsy Irrelevant
on my Google reader. This one was on educational gaming and it gave me a new perspective on it. I hope to maintain my blog as I plan on going back to the things I was really interested in and learn more. If I don't use these things I will forget them. This was great fun!

THING 21-complete

I read the articles. Joined 23 Things on a stick Ning and left comments for another member . Uploaded a video to my blog and added a ning widget to my blog.
I looked at 43 things and good reads. Both were interesting but I don't believe I have the time to use a social network unless it is specifically for my job. It was interesting to see how many people are involved in them and all the different topics covered. The courses on Web Junction looked good. May try one of them at a future date.

Friday, August 8, 2008

23 things

Find more videos like this on 23 Things on a Stick

THING 19-complete

I looked at the directories and ended up on Listened to some of the mp3 podcasts on Memoirs for Schoo Library Media.I added a RSS feed to my Google reader. That is cool. It is on Morbidity and mortality wally report.Looked at "John supplies our worm bins". "Ha Ha Food and Drink vodcasts. and "diabetic feed". Alot of good podcasts and some awful ones. Took the tour on Gcast. That looks way too easy. Had a time getting this one done as High speed internet is not available where i live deep in the woods.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

THING 20-complete

I registered on facebook and sent an invite to 3 friends. I got back 2 (both my nieces). I completed a profile and joined 23 things group. Posted one wall. I also visited MySpace to check kit out . Looked around and found a few people I knew. The library pages were interesting. I can see how the teens would be interested in using it. I cant imagine using these myself but I wanted to see what all the kids are doing. I also checked back on my facebook and had one message.